Formed in 2002 by choreographer and dance filmmaker, Anna Brady Nuse, Straight to the Helicopter is a multimedia production company dedicated to making dance that is gutsy, original and accessible. The company has received support from the Puffin Foundation, the Brooklyn Arts Council, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, The Kri Foundation of New Delhi with a travel grant from the US Embassy in India and many generous individuals.

  • Performance. The company produced AvoiDances, an evening length dance concert in 2003. Performances were held outdoors at three public parks in Brooklyn as well as an indoor theatrical run at the Williamsburg Art neXus (WAX). We are currently working on a new interactive performance ritual entitled Purification Ritual for a Shamed Politician to be performed in private homes as well as public spaces in 2009/10.

    A. Bernabe

    AvoiDances (J Why, Anna Brady Nuse, Yaquelina Parvex). photo: A. Bernabe

  • Videodance. Works include Human:Trash (2003), Trash Processional (2003) –screened at the BAC International Film Festival, Untitled States of America (2004), and Fist City (2006) – made in collaboration with Sasha Welsh and Robbie Cook and screened at the Philly Fringe Fest 9/1/06. Currently in production is Fünf ‘n’ Twist a narrative short about American adolescence on both a cultural and individual scales.
  • Television. In August of 2004 the company produced and aired the pilot episode of Move the Frame a videodance television series on Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT).  Curated, directed and produced by Anna Brady Nuse, each episode of Move the Frame was comprised of short videodances from across the country and around the world.  Hosted by dancer and curator, Marya Wethers, films were introduced and accompanied by a short interview with one of the filmmakers.  Seven episodes were made and have aired on BCAT and Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN).
  • Screenings. The company has programmed videodance screenings at Monkey Town—a restaurant and multi-channel screening room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—and Galapagos Art Space with the Dance Film Lab and the Dance Films Association. In January 2008 Anna Brady Nuse began curating Kinetic Cinema, a monthly dance film screening series at Collective:Unconscious in which a different artist is invited each month to show dance 0r kinetic-based films and videos that have inspired them.This series is now presented by Pentacle’s Movement Media and will be starting up it’s spring season on April 15, 2011 at Launchpad in Brooklyn.
  • Blog. In late September 2007, the company launched Move the Frame blog on GreatDance.com, featuring videos, commentary, interviews, and discussion on the themes of dance for the camera. In Fall of 2008 Move the Frame became the official blog of Movement Media, a new project of the dance service org, Pentacle, where Anna Brady Nuse is project director.

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