Anna Brady Nuse (director) has worked for the past 11 years as a choreographer, filmmaker, writer, curator, and arts administrator. Her work in videodance has included directing and choreographing her own short videos through her production company Straight to the Helicopter, as well as producing the cable access television series Move the Frame featuring videodances from across the country and around the world. In August 2006 Nuse traveled to India with a grant from the US Embassy: Cultural Affairs Division, to be an International Resource person at Danzlenz, a seminar on dance film organized by the Kri Foundation in New Delhi. In 2007 Nuse was the Festival Coordinator of the 35th Annual Dance On Camera Festival produced by the Dance Films Association and the Film Society of Lincoln Center. In 2008 her paper on curating videodance was presented at the Screendance Conference at the American Dance Festival. Currently she publishes the blog Move the Frame ( and continues to develop services and programs for dance artists to make and distribute their work in media through Pentacle’s Movement Media Project.

J Why (musical collaborator) is a producer, composer and performer of wide ranging versatility. A self-proclaimed General Practioner of Music, he has composed work for modern dance, feature films, theater, video, animation, and puppet theater. He has produced a wide range of artists from post-jazz (Benny Lackner and Maroon), to accordion rock/hip hop by Julz A, from modern liturgical music to modern classical music by James Noyes. J’s performance background includes recent work with Jonathan Maron’s Broken Toy People, the Latin alternative band, Caramelize; jazz/funk/dub ensemble, President’s Breakfast; illbeint electronic found sound for the album Urban Shocker with Julz A; Pamela Z’s operatic/punk ensemble, the Qube Chix; and going back a ways, Mike Doughty’s college band Da Da Dred. Ever expanding his musical horizons, he plays drum set, bass clarinet, baritone ukulele, electronics, and coming soon – guitar and voice! More info:


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