“Escape to Wonderland” Music Video

“Escape to Wonderland” is my first music video, written and performed by the talented composer/writer J Why. This video is odd for me because it does not feature dance at all. Even when it is hard to tell that my videos have dance, I still tend to base my decisions on movement (patterns, rhythms, directions). Instead for this video I let the story and emotions of the song lead my choices. I want to thank many friends and family who are featured in this video including two of my sisters (one on cello, the other playing the leading role!), J’s sister Hillary Maroon singing the vocals, and my friend Nelson for lending me his Olympus DSLR camera!
I hope this is the beginning of many more homespun collaborations to come 😉


New Videodance Shorts (Ep 2): That’s What It’s All About

When the organization behind my favorite walking bridge, Walkway Over the Hudson announced that they were holding an event to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Longest Line of Dancers, I had to go. I have a secret dream of getting dancers to circle the globe and all move in synchronicity. Dancing with 3000 people on a 1.25 mile bridge that spans the Hudson between Poughkeepsie and Highland, NY was probably my best shot to see that dream fulfilled. (Fun Fact: The Walkway also holds the record for being the longest, elevated pedestrian bridge in the world.)

I went by myself with two cameras, determined to both dance and record the event from multiple angles. I am very grateful to my cohorts in line who were very sweet and didn’t mind mind having a camera pointed at them.

Here is what it was all about…

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‘What Comes Between Fear and Sex’ Premieres at NewFilmmakers June 27th

We are excited for the official New York premiere of our latest short film, “What Comes Between Fear and Sex” at NewFilmmakers on Wednesday June 27th at 8pm.

Accompanied by four other shorts that look at modern romance and troubled youth, “What Comes Between Fear and Sex” (14 min, 2011) chronicles the emotional turbulence of a teenage couple who leave the prom and enter a wilderness of confusion from which they may never return. The film was directed and choreographed by Anna Brady Nuse, scored and co-written by J Why, starring Donna Costello and Matt Sweeney as well as the voice of Minnie Dee.

NewFilmmakers screens at Anthology Film Archives on the Lower
East Side at 32 Second Avenue & 2nd Street.

Admission is $6 for the whole evening.
Go to NewFilmmakers.com to view the entire line-up.

New Videodance Shorts (Ep 1): dissolving intent

In this video I attempted to erase the built world with images of water and nature. Human intention is behind everything that we create, but natural unintentional forces still flow throughout. My intention was to make those untentional processes more pronounced.

Shot on an ipod Touch and featuring clips from Flickr, courtesy of Creative Commons licenses.

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Two New York Screenings this Spring

I’m happy to announce that my latest short film, “What Comes Between Fear and Sex” (formerly Fünf ‘n’ Twist) will be receiving two New York screenings this spring.

First it will be shown at BAAD!’s Boogie Down Dance Series.

Wednesday, May 16 – 8pm/Free
Dance Films!
This evening shares works by choreographers turned filmmakers as they share films and discuss translating the work from the stage to the screen with Arthur Aviles, Marta Renzi, Joey Lorraine, Help Get the Word Out and Anna Nuse and Damon White.

BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance)
841 Barreto Street, 2nd. Floor
Bronx, NY 10474

Then you can catch it at Anthology Film Archives as part of the New Filmmakers Series.

Wednesday, June 27 – 8pm Short Film Program, $6 All night

Tina Salmassi TUMBLING (2011, 13 minutes)
An ordinary picnic turns unforgettable after a young boy witnesses an act of betrayal by his mother.

An allegorical triptych, What Comes Between Fear and Sex chronicles the emotional turbulence of a teenage couple who leave the prom and enter a wilderness of confusion from which they may never return.

Joseph Lyons SALVAGING (2011, 15 minutes)
A down on his luck man and his fifteen year-old step-son navigate the twists and turns of their troubled relationship while pushing a junkyard-bound car through equally difficult city streets.

Logan Sandler ALL IT WILL EVER BE (2011, 18 minutes)
Formally daring and unapologetic, All It Will Ever Be is an intensely personal meditation on the modern romantic disconnect present in today’s society.

Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

These will both be great programs, and I’m looking forward to seeing my work among such good company!

Fünf ‘n’ Twist Screening Party

Sunday October 30th, 4pm

291 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

My short dance film, Fünf ‘n’ Twist is complete, and now I’d like to share it with all of you: my friends, cast, and crew who helped me create it. Along with Fünf, the event will feature other shorts by Kerrie Welsh (Fünf DP), and Caroline Koebel.

In Fünf ‘n’ Twist, a boy and girl leave the prom and enter a wilderness of confusion from which they may never return. Featuring original music by J Why, and starring Donna Costello and Matt Sweeney. (TRT 14min)

Refreshments and Halloween treats will be served.

Kids are welcome.
(Nothing in the program is offensive or violent however there are references to the existence of sex.)

$5 suggested donation

BEAHIVE is a 20 min walk or a 5 min drive from the Beacon MetroNorth Train Station. (Directions) (Train schedule)

Hope to see you there!

Fünf is Fini

Here is a trailer for my latest videodance, Fünf ‘n’ Twist.

In this dialogue-less triptych, a boy and girl leave the prom and enter a wilderness of confusion from which they may never return. (Total running time is 14 min)

Now entering the film festival circuit, please check back here for announcements of upcoming screenings and events for Fünf ‘n’ Twist!

Original Music by J WHY

Post-Production Underway for Fünf ‘n’ Twist Trilogy

After a year and a half in which I had a baby, moved out of NYC (to the lovely city of Beacon), and produced a couple seasons of videodance events for Pentacle’s Movement Media Project, I’ve finally carved out some time to finish my trilogy of post-modern American adolesence, Fünf ‘n’ Twist. My goal is to put it in the “can” by June 21st, 2011 (Summer Solstice), and I’m happy to report that major progress has been happening! I’ve finished a rough cut of Part 2–an apocalyptic scene of the jaded and strung out prom couple in the future that provides a nice “twist” after the camp of the Prom scene in Part 1. I’ve trimmed down the prom sequence of Part 1 to its pithy essence, and J Why, my wonderful composer is getting ready to record the music for Parts 1 and 2 next month.

Funny enough, Part 3 in the park, which was the first sequence we shot (on no budget) way back in summer of 2007, seems to be holding up to the test of time and we’re not touching it for now. At the end, everything will need to be color corrected and mastered so it sits well together.

Here are a few tasty stills from Part 2:


Sitting at the Table with belt (Fünf 'n' Twist, pt 2)


Alleyway chase (Fünf ‘n’ Twist, Pt. 2)
The Interrogation (Fünf ‘n’ Twist, Pt. 2)
Boy belt mouth (Fünf ‘n’ Twist, Pt. 2)

Credits: Anna Brady Nuse, director; Kerrie Welsh, cinematography; Cast: Donna Costello (girl), Matt Sweeney (boy).

Shot in the basement of my former apt building in Inwood, Manhattan (thank you neighbors!).

Seeking crew for videodance shoot Aug 1-2

This summer, I am excited to be shooting the middle section of my videodance triptych Fünf ‘n’ Twist about an archetypal teenage couple who represent America’s clumsy cultural adolescence in the 20th Century. Over the last two years I’ve shot the first and third sections of this triptych, and you can see rough cuts of them here on vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/user526063/videos.

This summer I am shooting the middle section which is a dark and foreboding duet, in the basement of my Pre-war building in Inwood, and I am looking for volunteer production assistants to be part of the crew. The shoot dates are Saturday Aug 1st and Sunday Aug 2nd all day from approximately 9am-6pm in Inwood (near the last stop of the A train at 207 St).

Here is a description of what I’m looking for.

2-3 Production Assistants: Flexible, strong, energetic, and eager to learn about the makings of a videodance! Must be available on Aug 1st & 2nd 9am-6pm. Also need prep help all day July 31st. No pay, but a great way to gain experience and skills. You will be given credit on the film and fed!

For more info, please contact me at anuse@speakeasy.net

Raising Friends and Funds for Fünf ‘n’ Twist

Thanks to all who came out last weekend to our fundraising party for our new dance film, Fünf ‘n’ Twist in conjunction with Sasha Welsh for her new intermedia performance piece Trace Decay. We had a good turn out of friends and supporters who raised a cup to our art-making and helped spur us on!

Here are some photos from the party.

Anna thanks guests at fundraising party

Anna thanks guests at fundraising party (Sasha Welsh to the left)

A Toast to Fünf n Twist and Trace Decay!

A Toast to Fünf 'n' Twist and Trace Decay!

J Why, composer of Fünf n Twist

J Why, composer of Fünf 'n' Twist

Cindy and Matt (lead boy character in Fünf n Twist)

Cindy and Matt (lead male character in Fünf 'n' Twist)

I screened two completed sections of Fünf ‘n’ Twist, and had the pleasure of introducing my leading man, Matt Sweeney, who braved bad trains and a bad cold to come down and celebrate. It was his first time seeing the footage on a big screen in front of people, and he still blushes when he watches the “tree-humping” scene. Most people would call it the “deflowering scene”, but for Matt it is memorable as one of the weirdest things he’s ever had to do for a choreographer/director. A typical direction from me (without a trace of irony in my voice): “Ok Matt, go climb that tree and hump the branch when I say action!”

Matt humping tree (or deflowering scene)

Matt humping tree (or deflowering scene) with Donna Costello from Fünf 'n' Twist

I also unveiled a new interactive performance piece at the party, “Purification Ritual for a Shamed Politician.” We used it as part of a raffle in which ticket buyers were able to nominate dirty politicians or other nefarious public figures for spiritual cleansing. We had two separate drawings and each winner was asked Madlib-type questions, which turned into the text for the purification ritual. One of my oldest friends, Carly Gladstone-Strobel, a wonderfully talented actress, played the role of the High Priestess, while I was her dancer/disciple. I introduced the characters with a dance and then Carly recited the verse while scrubbing a plastic object (chosen by the raffle winner) in a glass jar with a toilet bowl scrubby. Here’s a quote of text from the second ritual we did [text in italics was given by the raffle winner]:

“Oh John Stewart, please bless this feisty panda bear, Bill O’Reilly. May he be purified in the smelly waters of Lake Michigan and appear before the people of everywhere on his pinky, ready to atone for his hate-mongering…”

Carly and Anna in Purification Ritual for a Shamed Politician

I hope to continue to do these purification rituals, which seem to still be desparately needed despite the regime change in Washington. If you have a party that could use some ritual elements, let me know! We’re super cheap!

All in all, the party was great fun, but we still have a long way to go with our fundraising goals. There is one more section to shoot for Fünf ‘n’ Twist. A middle scene that is a flash forward of the two main characters holed up in a dingy tenement where a power play ensues between them over the eagle belt buckle. The scene will culminate with both of them crashing through a paper wall. Ambitious? Yes! But with a little luck, and the support of a whole lot of generous folks like you, we’ll be able to pull it off and finish our film this spring!

Please let us count you among our supporters. A $30 contribution underwrites the cost of three hours of tape stock, $50 helps us build a paper room set for the last section of our film, and $100 pays for a kick-ass crew member who knows how to make magic happen with just one light, a gel, and some gaffers tape.

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Write a check out to UNIQUE PROJECTS* earmarked for Anna Brady Nuse and send to:

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Thank you!

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